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About F.G.I. (Feiz Ghadir Industries):


Feiz Ghadir Industries Company depending on its high technology, knowledge and human resources which all is advantages for this company in competence with others develops the local production and Cooling Fan Motor market consistently.


Feiz Ghadir Industries Company wants to be the pioneer and leader in developing the local products.


Client-oriented, mutual reliance, responsibility, job improvement, quality and loyalty are our values.

Company’s goals:

  -Promotion the brand and credibility of company as a reliable manufacturer.
  -Leadership and developing the market,
  -Customer services (easy functionality of products, products quality, and reliability)
  -Promoting the productivity and the efficiency of the guaranteed services
  -Exporting Feiz Ghadir Products to the World's After Market.


Feiz Ghadir Industries Company is the greatest and most reputable producer of various kinds of Cooling Fan Motors in the country.

Organization Chart of Feiz Ghadir Industries