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1-Defining a new project
Feiz Ghadir Industries' Project Dep. defines new projects upon the information that is gathered from the customers, and market researches. After reviewing the preliminary feasibility Study and approving Cost Analysis, the project will be started on.

2-APQP procedure: ( This is one of the powerful procedures of QS9000)

• Plan & Define program
     Voice of costumer& Customer input
     Business plan & Marketing strategy
     Product & process benchmarking and assumptions
     Product reliability studies
     Project timing
• Product design & development
     New equipment, tooling& facilities requirements, engineering drawing Reviews
     Preliminary Special product & process characteristics and Bill of Materials
     Feasibility Studies
• Process design & development
     Characteristics matrix, Special Product and Process Characteristics
     Packaging specifications
     FPC / OPC, PFMEA, Floor Plan Layout, Pre-launch Control Plan, Process Instruction
• Primary production – product & process validation
     Production trial run and Production part approval (PPAP)
     Production control plan and Measurement evaluation
     Feedback assessment & corrective action
• Feedback assessment & corrective action
     Reduced variations and Customer satisfactions
     Delivery and service

3-Engineering software
General Softwares:
     • AutoCad
     • Catia V.4
     • Microsoft Project

Feiz Ghadir Engineering Department uses the following reputable laboratories in the world for testing its products:

JOHNSON-GATE Laboratory: This certified Laboratory located in Asti- Italy, and is well- equipped for testing all specified tests in world wide standards for Cooling Fan Motors, like Thermal shock, Vibration, Noise, Airflow and Life Test.

LUCAS-TVS Laboratory: This well equipped and certified laboratory located in Chennai- India and is capable for performing all necessary tests in world wide standards for Auto Electrical parts like Starters, Wiper Motors, and Window Lift Motors.

TUV Italia SRL Laboratory: This certified laboratory located in Turin-Italy and Feiz Ghadir Industries uses this laboratory for some necessary tests on Cooling Fan Motors, like Vibration, Noise and Life tests.

ITRAC Laboratory: This certified laboratory located in Tehran-Iran, and Feiz Ghadir Industries uses this laboratory for some necessary tests on its product which can be performed in IRAN.

Razi Metallurgical Research center: This certified located in Tehran-Iran is equipped for analyzing raw materials; FGI uses this laboratory for analyzing its plastic products.

Feiz Ghadir Industries also uses Iran's universities as a reference for the below purposes:
     Getting consultancy
     Software developing
     Radiator testing
     Motor fan testing
     Engine testing