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About F.G.I. (Feiz Ghadir Industries):

Feiz Ghadir Industries Company is the first Iranian company that offers a collection of various kinds of Cooling Fan Motor of (Peugeot 405, Peugeot 206, Xantia, Pride, Rio and Logan).
Feiz Ghadir Industries Company was established in 1990 and started its activity in the field of manufacturing automotive components in the early of 1995. By enquiry and study the market, investigation of needs and choices of customers, Feiz Ghadir Industries succeeded to choose the most reputable foreign partners in the world and collaborate with them in supplying the parts to its customer and obtain the customer satisfactory.
In this direction in 1997 Feiz Ghadir Industries bounded an agreement with SAGEM (Johnson-Control) for the product of Ignition distributor of Peugeot 405. After changing the automobiles motor’s systems to injector type, this company has signed license agreement with JOHNSON-GATE company- one of the largest manufacturers in the world- to produce Cooling Fan Motor. JOHNSON-GATE Company is one of the JOHNSON ELECTRIC Company branches; one of the most reputable manufacturers of AC, DC motors in the world.
Feiz Ghadir Industries Company factory is located in BuinZahra (Qazvin State), in a land with more than 35000 square meter area, by using the most up to date and modern technologies for producing Cooling systems. At the moment, more than 70% of the Iran OEM market of Cooling Fan Motor is belonged to Feiz Ghadir Industries.
Feiz Ghadir Industries main goal is seeking to be one of the most reputable exporters of its productions in the World's After Market.

History of Feiz Ghadir Industries

1990    Establishment of the company

1995    Producing mechanical ignition distributor of Peykan

1996    Producing Cooling system of Peykan

1997    Binding Agreement with SAGEM S.A. (Johnson Control) for producing inductive ignition distributor

1998    Producing mechanical ignition distributor of Nissan (Z24)

1999    Producing inductive ignition distributor of Peugeot 405 with technical assistant of SAGEM

1999    Getting ISO 9001:1994

2000    Producing inductive ignition distributor of KIA-Pride

2001    Producing inductive ignition distributor of Peykan

2002    Binding Agreement with JOHNSON-GATE Company for producing various kinds of cooling fan motor.

2003    Getting ISO 9001:2000

2003    Producing Cooling Fan Motor of Peugeot 405, Peugeot RD, Peugeot Pars, Peugeot 206 & Samand

2003    Binding Agreement with LUCAS-TVS Company for producing electrical parts of automotives

2004    Getting ISO/TS 16949:2002

2004    Dispatching CBU of Starter Motor of KIA-Pride

2005    Producing Cooling Fan Motor of CITROEN-Xantia.

2006    Exporting Cooling Fan Motor to Europe Market.

2006    Producing KIA-Pride Cooling Fan Motor.

2006    Producing Starter Motor of KIA-Pride

2007    Producing Cooling Fan Motor of Logan